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What We Found

Daniel and Giselle are cousins facing the daunting task of cleaning out the garage of their grandparent's home. When their estranged cousin Maggie arrives, desperate for insight into the Jewish ancestry she never knew their family had, Daniel and Giselle must go to great lengths to hide their true purpose of searching the garage. A play about mixed-raced identity and how we choose to define family.

What We Found was presented in J-Fest at the San Diego Repertory Theatre in 2021 as part of the inaugural new play festival, The Whole Megillah. This two-day new play festival highlights unproduced and unapologetically Jewish work for the American Theatre. 

Playwright-Molly Olis Krost

 Director-Patrice Amon
Stage Manager-TaiReikca L.A. 
Dramaturg-Jon Reimer
Giselle-Molly Adea
Uncle Jerry-Richard Arum
Maggie-Adira Rosen
Daniel-Zack King
Stage Directions-Sarah Frazin

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