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Adira Rosen is a Jewish theatre artist who loves to make Jewish spaces more theatrical and theatrical spaces more Jewish. She was born and raised in San Diego, CA but has found homes in Pittsburgh, Tel Aviv, New York City, Jerusalem, and now Boston where she is pursuing rabbinical ordination at Hebrew College. Adira has loved theatre since she was a kid and went on to study drama at Carnegie Mellon University, where she earned her BFA in directing for live performance. She became rabbi curious as a participant at the Brandeis Camp Institute in 2021 and followed that curiosity to Pardes in Jerusalem. In May of 2023, Adira completed a year of study in the Pardes Experiential Educators Program, where she began developing a community-generated documentary theatre piece called The Shabbat Project. In her free time, Adira loves to take dance classes, see theatre, and passively learn to play the banjo. No matter the location or time of day, Adira can be found wearing sunglasses on her head, which a friend once lovingly called her California kippah.

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