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Violet has been scarred most of her life.  At age 13, a freak accident left her face disfigured. As she matures in the hills of North Carolina, Violet dreams of becoming beautiful. Her faith convinces her that a televangelist in Tulsa can heal her. As she turns 25, Violet hops a bus and begins the journey towards what she is sure will be a miraculous transformation. On the road Violet discovers the true meaning of beauty - what can and can't be seen.

Music by Jeanine Tesori

Book and Lyrics by Brian Crawley

Produced at the San Diego Repertory Theatre. 

Directed by Sam Woodhouse

Assistants to the Director - Adira Rosen and Hannah Trujillo

Choreographed by  Javier Velasco

Stage Managed by Mark Stevens 

Assistant Stage Manager Marie Jahelka 

Lighting Design by Trevor Norton

Scenic Design by Guilio Perrone

Sound and Media Design by Kevin Anthenill

Costume Design by Jeanne Reith

Photos by Daren Scott

August 2015

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