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The Life and Times of Roger Stone

"It’s not about THAT Roger Stone we’ve all been hearing about. I didn’t even know about that dude
when I was writing this piece."

A play about a cynical old man (Roger Stone) who sells his soul to the devil for one final chance to see his wife who died years before in a car crash. This raucous, comedic, play with music served as the finale for Playground XVII.

Originally produced in Playground XVII: A Festival of Student Work at Carnegie Mellon University. 

Created by Arthur Langlie
Director - Arthur Langlie
Choreographer - Rachel Pospíšil
Stage Manager - Shahzad Khan
Lighting Designer - Alex Talbot
Sound Designer - William N. Lowe
Scenic Designer - Peter Kelly
Costume Designer - Lily Cunicelli
Media Designer - Joseph Amodei
Asst. Choreographer - Stewart Harrison
Asst. Stage Manager - Claire Duncan
Asst. Costume Designer - Emma Pollet
Run Crew - Alexander Friedland, Katie Pyzowski, Maggie Quigley

Roger Stone - Adira Rosen
Devil - Riley Noland
Sara - Isabela Ferrer
D.F. - Chris Chene
Pee-Pop - Nick Smith

Demons - Darius Fraser, Laughton Royce, Rayven Bailey, Steward Harrison, Drew Bos, Simone Jones, Sophia Power, Nate Kelderman, Alec Ludacka, Ayana Williams, Jake Musgrove, Isaiah Foster, Betsy Miller, Jahquan Wynder, Joshua Wyatt, Bryanna Felipe

Breakfast the Dog - Breakfast

Special Thanks - Cameron King

Photos by Noah Hull and Sarah Connor

December 2019

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