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Suspend Your Disbelief

We have different expectations of reality when it comes to theatre, for film, and for our everyday lives.
How much can the soundscape of your world change before your suspension of disbelief is broken in
the theatre? In film? In everyday life? Let's find out together. This piece was a fifteen-minute sound experiment in which an ensemble of actors created an aural soundscape to accompany a vivid story told from the perspective of the character Id. 

Originally produced in Playground XVII: A Festival of Student Work at Carnegie Mellon University. 

Created by Sydney Asselin

Id: Adira Rosen

The Mouth Sound Ensemble: Alec Ludacka, Allie Donahue, Amalia Baker, Andy LeBuhn, Ayana Williams, Eliza Hallinan, Major Curda

Photos by BinhAn Nguyen and Noah Hull

December 2019

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