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Pass It On

Jamie tells stories. He doesn’t do much else. He collects information and spins it into gossip. He wants to stop. He wants to be a man of action, a hero among men, a god of—no, those are stories, too. Really, he wants to fix the family dynamic that traps him in the role of entertainer, but his adult siblings want to keep the party rolling at all costs. ALL COSTS! Will Jamie carve a new identity for himself, or will his family maintain the status quo? Pass It On explores the long-term effects of dysfunction and the subjectivity of personal history.

Originally produced in the 2021 New Works Series at Carnegie Mellon University. 

Written by Alec Seymour

Directed by Rebecca Wahls

Jamie: Miller Kraps

Christine: Isabela Ferrer 

Derek: Dan Bittner

Kayleigh: Meghan Wright

Krista/Delilah/Flight Attendant/Gate Attendant : Adira Rosen 

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