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Intentions - SheNYC 2020

A young woman struggles to find her happy ending when trouble from her past keeps resurfacing. After a traumatic sexual assault experience as a teen, Gina tries to move forward but college, boys and herself get in the way of coping. This is a story about pain, love, redemption and learning to live with yourself.

This production was originally produced virtually in the 2020 SheNYC Festival. Intentions is set to have an in-person premiere this summer in the 2021 SheNYC Festival.

Written by Allison Svagdis 

Directed by Adira Rosen

Edited by Nicole Kennedy

Girl - Allison Svagdis

A - Hillel Meltzer 

B - Daniel Olson

C - Evans Malkin

D - Atticus Shaindlin

Man - Michael Morley

Therapist - Markia Nicole Smith

Amelia - Jaine Ye


Photos by Adira Rosen

July 2020

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