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A new web series by The Bellwether Project about dealing with queerness and what it means to be Latinx American when identity becomes politicized.

Watch the series HERE

Produced in Pittsburgh, PA by students from Carnegie Mellon University. 

Created by The Bellwether Project

Writers: Timiki Salinas, Megan Forster, Aubyn Heglie, Jack Dentinger, Nikki LoPinto

Directed and Edited by Jack Dentinger

Director of Photography: Kevin Galloway

1st Assistant Director: Adira Rosen

Costume Designer: Nikki LoPinto

Production Designer: Paloma Sierra

Sound Engineer: Javi Galarza

Mixing and Score: Javi Galarza

Starring: Timiki Salinas, Megan Forster, Aubyn Heglie, Emilia Suarez, LH González

Producers: Jacob Wesson, Nikki LoPinto, Jack Dentinger, Aubyn Heglie, Timiki Salinas, Megan Forster Graphic Design: Katy Fetrow

Photos by The Bellwether Project

March/April 2018

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