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Detroit '67

The 1967 riots in Detroit were meant to be a catalyst for change. Sadly, the continuing devastation of black communities across the country has made it a dream deferred. In spite of the stark divisions we see playing out all over the United States, Detroit ‘67 offers a glimmer of hope for what could be if we are courageous, empathetic, and open to change.

By Dominique Morisseau

Produced at Carnegie Mellon University. 

Director - Kym Moore

Assistant Director - Adira Rosen

Dramaturg - Sydney Mayer

Assistant Dramaturg - Emma Cordray 

Stage Manager - Vanessa Ramon 

Assistant Stage Manager - Stephanie Akpapuna

Scenic Designer - Yijun Yang

Lighting Designer - Jasmine Lesane

Sound Designer - Aaron Landgraf

Costume Designer - Michelle Li

Photos by Louis Stein

November 2018

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