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Between Time and Space

In this series of Theatre of the Absurd playlets, abstractions such as language, time, and existence itself are provoked from our subconscious to (quite literally) the spotlight. "Between Time and Space" serves to question the mundane and reconsider banality. Though isolated in scenario, each playlet is connected through the notion of “perhaps”: what actually occurs is at the behest of the viewer.

Originally produced in Playground XV: A Festival of Student Work at Carnegie Mellon University. 

Co-Directors - Adira Rosen and Cameron King
Playwright - Parker Felterman
Stage Manager - Shahzad Kahn
Assistant Stage Manager - Emma Patterson

Dramaturg - Emma Cordray
Lighting Designer - Cooper Nickels, Hannah Kerman

Sound Designer - Sydney Asselin

Costume Designer - Annabel Shuckhart

Technical Assistant - Binh-Ahn Nguyen


Photos by Playground XV Photographers

December 2017 

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